Video Script: Eating At A Restaurant

Jenn: I’m excited to eat here.

Jayna: What do you feel like having?

Jenn: The hamburgers here really look delicious.

Waitress: Hello, I will be with you in a moment.

Jayna: I’ll get the poutine, please.

Jenn: I’ll have the hamburger, please.

Jayna: Thank you

Waitress: Here’s your order. Your poutine and here’s your hamburger and fries.

Jayna: My poutine tastes so good. I’m so glad I ordered it.

Jenn: It looks delicious. My fries are so good. I can tell these are homemade fries.

Waitress: Here you guys go.

Jayna: Thank you. It was delicious. We’re ready for the bill, please.

Waitress: Would you like a machine?

Jayna: Yes, please.

Jenn: Yes, please. I’ll be paying with a credit card.

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