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"My English really improved with Teacher Joyce and Teacher Jennifer. I could only say 'hi' and 'hello' at first. I couldn't speak any English. Now I am comfortable having a conversation in English. My English is so much better! Thank you"

~Aron (From Mexico)

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Everyday English

How To Express Sympathy

How To Give A Report

How To Give Advice

How To Make a Command

How To Make A Complaint

How To Make a Promise

How To Make An Apology

How To Say Thank You

How To Express Conclusion or Assumption

How To Express Disbelief

How To Express Reluctance

English You Need To Know

How To Introduce Yourself

Eating at a Restaurant

Secrets to Small Talk

Visit a Hotel

Shopping in North America

Potluck Dinner

Making Plans with Friends

Getting Around The City

More Everyday English

How To Accuse and Defend

How To Agree or Disagree

How To Ask Someone To Repeat It

How To Compliment and Criticize

How To Express Annoyance

How To Express Approval and Disapproval

How To Express Cause or Because

How To Express Certainty or Uncertainty

How To Express Distress

How To Express Necessity

How To Express Preference

How To Express Probability

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