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How To Have A Deep and Meaningful Conversation in English - What Great Speakers Do

Today we will share with you 3 easy ways to have deep and meaningful conversations with people in English. You will feel happier if you can connect with other people in a real way. You may feel lonely if you do not ask other people the right questions and if you are a bad listener. In our video...


Idioms and Slang

How's it going?Today we are talking about idioms and slang. How do you learn idioms and slang?To understand real native English speakers, you must understand idioms and slang.Slang is informal words. "Hey, how's it going?" is an idiom. It is an informal way to say, "How are you?" or "What's...


How Much Must You Study English?

English learners often ask me, "How much do I need to study English each day to improve quickly?"You may be surprised with the answer. You can improve your English by studying just 10-30 minutes each day. Of course, the more time you study English, the more quickly you will learn. The rule is,...


Happy English Class is now LIVE!

Happy English Class is very excited to announce that our online video course is now available!!! Check out our brand new videos and English lessons. Please comment on the lessons as you watch. We want to know what you LOVE and what you would like to see changed in future videos. :)